The God Complex

For such a large population to be on the globe at one time means there is a large conciousness developing.Out of these Billions of lives on Earth, only but a small collection are able to manipulate that consciousness and capture the attention on an emotional basis. Once these souls gain the attention and the praise, these figures form what should be considered as the "GodMode" complex.
Just as the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were emulated as living God's for supposedly "building" the Pyramids, they are still recognized as great figures in movies and other genres of entertainment.

Resonate on that.

- EDITED 01/08/10
tHIS Was a stupid ass post....dont do drugs kids!
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Negativity in wavelengths.

In Entertainment, it is often said "any publicity is good publicity."
That is simply due to the fact of attention. A collective consciousness- rather manufactured consciousness that whether good or bad praise, the end result is a duality.

I Love My Haters

The attention of hate, just like that of a radio station is programed to a frequency.
This is also the same with the negative emotion. It is easier to resonate on a negative frequency, it is so abundant. The attitude portrayed among the social structure of todays society is that of a crude "humorous" nature. The mentality displayed is...
do what you want as long as no one gets hurt

That could go to be said about a scenario such as:
Rob someone, so long as no one get shot, it is alright

This mentality, while so radical (irrational), too has its dualities.

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Kid Kills Robber with Katana!

Earlier in the day, this guy got his house jacked for 2 laptops and a ps3! Looks like the same guy who got him came back for more, and lost more than he'd bargain for.

This one is going under anime lol.

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I'm constantly dreaming

of a better way to tell the world how much i don't know, and this blog is the perfect place. My life is a constant manifesting dream of whatever it is i want to dream of. every waking moment, I own it, I control it, I have the ability to destroy everything, or embrace and face it. Well, the world as you know it will cease to exist someday, maybe as you perceive it, or believe it to be. But however that shift happens, I know i'll be sticking around to the end.

Pace and apple grace.
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Nanoloop Style VSTi TEST

Yes, Finally, an authentic Made In Japan 8-bit chiptune VSTi !!!!
Super find! GOLD!

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The hardware chiptune project and some chiptune links
This dude totally created his own Hardware and Software to play and create 8 bit music!
A simple computer script, an 8MHz CPU, 8Kb of flash ROM, and 2KB of Ram, a true beast! Check the Video.
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Charlamagne Tha God: "Lil Wayne is the DEVIL!"

Charlamagne Tha God disects a lil wany interview, basically reinforcing the fact that lil wayne is PURE GARBAGE. I used to be a real fan of that guy, but ever since a millie came out, I had grown less and less fond of him, nigga is gay!

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New Age Agendas: Cybernetics

This is the beginning of a new seiries of videos I'm going to releasing threw Youtube, and showcasing directly on the site! This is episode number one of the new New Age Agenda's theme and the video touches on CYBERNETICS in the future of mankind, accompanied by Audio excerpts from Michael Tsarion and Ghost in the shell to better interpolate the audio.
So without Further Ado, i present to you, NEW AGE AGENDAS: CYBERNETICS!
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Proof: Kid Cudi is Garbage, Asher Roth sold his soul

Peep this freestyle of Kid Cudi n Asher Roth on some radio station.
Uhhgh, i hate Kid Cudi's freestyle, it made me feel embarrassed for listening to that shit.
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The Industry Part 35

This is Part 35 of a long running youtube series about the occult workings of Hollywood and the Music industry, made possible by the user Pimpb1420 ( Its a good one, and it is relevant because it has a Jamaican Dance Hall artist in it, Vybz Kartel, its pretty obvious, but still, more reinforcement!

The Video

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President Obama Freemasons, and the Media

We see it ever day, but we never know what it is we're really looking at or rather what we aren't looking at. So I have taken it upon myself to look into the double mirrored existence of the freemasons.
NOTE: A thing about searching the internet for info is that allot of it can be inaccurate and unreliable, but for every bit of intentional dissemination of misinformation there will equally be a chance of revelation to the TRUTH.
Furthermore, I came across 12 Masonic Signs of Recognition, a cool blog post from Waiting To Rot that shed more light on the use of hand signs in freemasonry and the use of those hand signs in politics.

Before Obama's speech (which I was watching on CNN) had first aired a special on BEING BLACK IN AMERICA Hosted by a beautiful and not at all looking "black" Solidad O'brien, the topic of course is HEALTH CARE in America. A lot of big time people were in the stuck in the middle of TIME SQUARE, Manhattan , New York, a few I had seen on Television already before. Like for instance, D. L. Hughley, who kept looking at the stage monitor to see if his hand signs were in the shot, which they weren't, so he kept putting his hand on the rim of his eye glasses and using the "animated hands." It was really interesting to see them all throwing up hand signs like some secret cult of Neo-Gangsters.
I mean, for instance Steve Harvey described how it was o.k. for another man to say to his fellow man "I Love you" but of course, in the least gayest and most Christian way possible, right? He went on to describe how you should lean in, put an arm around your brother, and tell him words of encouragement in his ear. He got VERY descriptive about how you should hug a man and whisper in his ear, so when I found this image, it was of no surprise and only reinforced what I intuitively already felt. Once there was a full frame shot of all of the shows guests, I noticed that the ones who stuck out the most during their camera time, were also the same ones who were using the interlocking fingers. But what does this all mean? It means they are getting people on Television, black people, famous black people, that other black people look up to to tell "Black America" what to feel and think when it comes to healthcare and the image of black people in "common" socio-political topics. The fact that the new U.S. Government is black in effect means, more "blacks" are watching major news media outlets such as CNN.

Back to the speech on Television, every time the Pres. even so much as raised his hands from behind the podium, the camera shutters snapped at least a million times a second. One thing to notice is that this speech is beign given within the White House it'self with selected members of the Associated Press. Are these same photogrphahers and Journalists selected because they know what is expected of the public to know and see? The only contraversial question raised after the speech had nothing to do with health care at all but rather a racial question about a Harvard Professor who was reported as breaking into his own house. That same Harvard Professor was on the CNN Special "Being Black In America II" right before the airing of the speech to use his incident as a means to "educate" the idea that if a learned black Harvard Professor can get arrested, charged, and taken to jail even AFTER the fact that he proved his residency, so can your black ass too. The fact that Mr. Obama called the Cambridge Polices' actions "Stupid" further agitates the race cards effect on the masses.

The FACT to this is that when it comes to the media and politics, the photos used to represent these figures is meant to communicate on a secret level of hand signs and signals meant for brothers of the same rite. In Freemasonry, there are no politics, there is no democratic party, there is no republican party, there is only the brotherhood and well-being of thefraternity, simple and plain. They are not here to serve the "common" man who is living in the dark, but rather to help further the cause of high level Master Masons who have their hand in the pocket of Every person on Earth. But Money is NOT enough for these power hungry assholes. If they cannot control your pockets, they will find ways to control your heart soul and mind via religion, sexual situations, and social confusion. One goal, mass confusion.

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Prodigy Exposes Jay-Z for siding with EVIL.

So finally the truth is unraviling still. I found a few of Prodigy's letters that he wrote himself from prison in which he is stating how he came to a revelation as to the negative forces behind what he calls "the Illuminati mind-enslavement." He goes on to further speak of a Dr. Malachi Z York, founder of Nuwaubianism and who also wrote a book titled "Leviathan 666." According to the letter, the book had touched Prodigy in spiritual way and so he decided to blow the whistle on JAY-Z, months before the death of MJ and the all of a sudden UPROAR in information in regards to the occult and HIP-HOP/Entertainment. But, you be the Judge...
The Letter

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Prodigy - Illuminati (2008)

The title says it all, this has to be one of the best Anti-Illuminati anthems I have ever heard, so far anyways. I don't support, G-Unit or Mobb Deep, but this Prodigy track from his 2008 release H.N.I.C.2 , accompanied by the video co-executive produced by Prodigy himself, really hit a few chords on my innards.
The dudes Wikipedia states he was sentenced to 3 years behind bars due to a Oct 2007 gun charge in which he pleaded guilty towards, but who knows?But serously, having an album Cover like "Blood Money" and then turning around and speaking against it, answers a few questions as to the current fate of the rapper. But just listen to the song and form your own opinions, and DO NOT hold back on searching deeper and deeper, get out and explore the world around you aswell.



(Fan talking)
Ohh, yo, ohh shit man, what up dunn?
Yo where've you been at man?
Yo we need you man
You gotta put out that knowledge
Kick that street knowledge G
Please man, you got that drugs
I need my fix of that dope
C'mon man, please man, you got it man, c'mon man

Now the latest gun drive, jelly beans
DMT peyote, I know you feel me
P's song is a natural tripping me
My rhymes is so vivid, you start to see things
Way different, America's fiend
I was fast asleep, but now I'm wide awake
I was under the spell of Kangol and reserved notes
Religion and fashion, I used to be flashy
'Til I had a total recall, forgot what I've already knew
It took me 33 years for me to see the truth
Ever so clear I was too young
I couldn't articulate myself the right way son
But now let me break it down, pass it all around
This is not a theory, lift the spirits, see his spirit
They wanna put me in a straightjacket in a padded room
And tell the world there's 12 monkeys so they can be confused

(Chorus) X2
Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body
Secret Society trying to keep their eye on me
But I'ma stay incogni' in places they can't find me
Make my moves strategically

They say life is like Chess
But fuck that I'm tired of playing games with you kids
Ain't no time for playing, check the rhymes it's insane
I write it for the streets, for the hood inspiration
Inspire every party to map where it's poverty
I started with a Mobb but now I got an army
With soldiers and troopers
The TV and the radio scared the death of us
So we hit the YouTube up
Now I got millions of views
Now watch how many rappers follow what P do
Now I'm too hoody to conform to the program
I'm too much of a rebel for me to try to fit in
Nigga! It don't matter on the color of your skin
Right now you either positive or you negative
I got friends in high places, multiple races
And coaches on my side, all you got is paper

(Chorus) X2
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Chemtrails, Manganese, Prince Lyrics, and Dick Gregory.

So I was browsing youtube, doing my usual theory hunt and I came across this really interesting video that pretty much tied together the entire "chemtrail" phenomenon.
The clip is a combination of an interview the musician Prince gave on the a Tim Smiley Program in which Prince gives his opinion on President Obama and gets really nervous when questioned about the lyrics from his song entitled "Dreamer" from his 2009 album, Lotus Blossom. Prince goes on to explain chemtrails and a speech Dick Gregory gave while at the Black State of the Union Address in D.C. He mentions a deadly substance called Manganese, a heavy metal found on the period table of elements, which is speculated to being sprayed in the atmosphere.


I took it Upon myself to find the Lyrics to Prince's "Dreamer" and It makes allot of since as to why he would have gotten a little iffy of these lyrics being read live on national Television!

Dreamer Lyrics

Dreamer Lyrics

I was born, raised on a slave plantation
In the United States, of the red, white and blue
Never knew that I was different, till Dr. King was on a balcony
Lyin' in a bloody pool
I expected so much more from a loving
A loving, loving society
A truthful explanation, you know what
I got another, another conspiracy

If it was just a dream, listen, call me, call me a dreamer too

With more rewards and accolades, then anyone before or after
21st century, oh what a shame, what a shame
Race, race still matters
A race to what, and where we going
We in the same boat, but I'm the only one rowing

Last time I checked, you were sleeping, but you can call me a dreamer too
(What's up with this)

Peanut butter logic, served on a bed of lies
Don't go down too easy, when you've seen your father cry
Have you ever clutched the steering wheel in your car too tight
Praying that police sirens just pass you by that night
While the helicopter circles us, this theory's getting deep
Think they're spraying chemicals over the city
While we sleep

Come on, I'm staying awake
you can call me a dreamer too
(Ahhh, I got one eye open for these devils)

(Wake up, wake up)

(I pledge allegiance, to..)

So after reading those lyrics and watching both clips, it really reinforces the argument that heavy metals are being sprayed into the air and falling amongst the unknowing population

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Gumby- The Blockheads were masons...

I put it together, all these years, I put it together after all of these years. I was, and I'm sure many others were too, indoctrinated into accepting the agenda henceforth by freemasons in the form of innocent stop motion animations. Sad really, people say " why are you still watching cartoons, they are for kids!" Look at it this way, they are made by ADULTS! Connect a few dots, and it all comes together; The "Blockheads" are always trying to ruin Gumby's life, seriously, attemptive murder at best! In "freemasonry" they refer to each other as "squares" and conicidentally what is a block? It is a square! If that wasn't enough, the fact that a G is visible on the side of their heads, also the common G seen on the Freemasonry Compass and Square insignia. That damn G on the side of their heads NEVER made sense to my fragile child mind, then I grew up and it made all the sense in the world as to what was really going on. So the search was on to put my "hypothesis" to the test, and low and behold, results are in the truth, or the other way around!
They say "A Pictures worth a thousand words," but all this says is AGENDA! But then again, that doesn't explain the meaning of the J on the other Block's Head? Maybe....Jachine?

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Michael Jackson, The Occult, Illuminati, and much more...

Recently Since Michael Jackson subsequently died before the debut of his 50 show tour "This Is It," the internet has been a buzz with an outburst of videos revealing the true nature of the industry and underworld that goes on right under our noses and in front of our eyes.

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Warfare 1944 Glitch

So I was playing my new favorite online game, Armor Games' Warfare 1944. This game is the supremely "pretty" version versus it's predecessor , Warfare 1917 which actually had a much more favorable "combat" system. That leads me to the title of this post, the Glitch. I played threw the game on all difficulties, often restarting the Hardened campaign because for some reason the balancing was way off when I played as the Allied forces, I mean, the Germans were just unbeatable on some levels, so I would start over, figure a new upgrade strategy and what not. But this time I started over, something amazing happened. The first level is a big sandy beach similar to Saving Private Ryan, barricade and craters make up the landscape, as you leave the water and get farther into view comes the enemies front lines and a rather large concrete bunker, you need bazookas to take out the bunker, but you have got to clear the machine gunners on the ground first (kinda JUST like private Ryan). As my men come crawling hopelessly off of the bloody sand beach, I notice that my first wave of soldiers are easily wiped out by a machine gunner, but then mortars were dropping everywhere! My entire first fleet of infantry, assault and bazooka teams were all dead and my second wave was coming in right behind them! What killed them so fast?

A tank! A big ass tank, magically appears bellow the German Bunker! It slowly began to creep towards the shore line, my bazooka team getting close, and the German mortar shells are still dropping! I thought to myself, OK, I quit, I should just give up, no way I'll be able to take out this tank with 2 dinky ass bazooka guys and soldiers who cant even throw grenades. Kind of tragic, but with the grace of Glitchy action scripting and and awesome timing, I was saved! The Germans own mortar shelling like a bunch of ass holes inevitably led to their defeat, they dropped so many shells, it ended up destroying the tank and causing enough morale damage to win me the battle! Success! So I guess it wasn't a bad glitch, but I'm sure that if I had lost, it easily would have been.

Play more games at ARMORGAMES.COM
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Magus V.S. Prince Nuada

So i just finished watching HELLBOY II and I gotta say that Prince Nuada totally reminded me of Magus from Chrono Trigger (the classic SNES video game from '95) when the thought dawned upon me, who would win in a fight between Magus and Prince Nuada? But then the end of Hellboy II totally answered that questoin, so then I thought, ok, who is cooler? Magus, or Nuada? Well I cannot actually answer that question, because to me, Nuada looks like his character was borrowed from Chrono Trigger, or maybe then again it was more or less and ode to Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7......that is a different blog post i think!
They are both high in Magic, both carry with them some shiny blades,have long platinum/white hair and don't take no crap from no one, not even their Parents (Nuada kills his own dad)! Here is another cool lil factoid, they both have sisters! Magus has his sis Janus, and Nuada has his sis Princess Nuala. A lil similarirites that are all to obvious!
But shit, honestly, when Chrono Trigger finally gets a movie made about it, the Production Execs. should keep the team of Hellboy II in mind! Well, I still have not beaten Chrono Trigger, BUT, I did kick MAGUS' ass , literally, back in to time! Well, im getting so OVER this post as I spent most of my time in photoshop to make the lil header image and im quite bored of the subject already! Here , though, are a few youtube vids to keep you entertained.
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The Heart Break Kid (2007)

No, this movie has nothing to do with the infamous Sean Michaels, also known as The Heart Break Kid (HBK) bun in fact it is about love , romance, and taking into account that anything worth having is worth waiting for.
This movie is pretty sweet, honestly, Ben Stiller is a comical genius, although this movie wasn't exactly written by him, it is directly inspired by his character roles of the past. Allot of his movies are full of humor and comedy as well as some life lessons (what the fuck dude, yes, life lessons) tucked within the nooks and crannies of a plea sent visual experience.
The Heart Break Kid is about this guy who owns his own little sporting goods store and thought he had it all once he married who he thought was the perfect match. Just after about a month of knowing this perfect love, he got married to her right away. This babe was played by Malin Akerman who you might recognize from Harold & Kumar Go to white Castle. Anyways, Ben Stillers character realizes how much he jumped the gun when he meets a lady while on his Honey moon with his newly wed wife.
This movies pretty funny, check it out, but what Stiller flick ISN'T hilarious?

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Its Happenining Again and Again.

 Not more than 5 minutes ago, I was held at gun point,  looking down the barrel of an M-16.
For the 3rd time in about a months time, the police boy dem' a come and search me. No kind of respect for the power in which they so carelessly wave point blank in my face, fingers on the trigger, packed to the door locks in a 4 door Toyota pick-up. Yelling "Get up, GEEEE-T UP! PUT YA HANDS IN A DI AIR! PUT DEM UP!"  They all hop out out fast, parking the giant truck in the middle of the road at an angle. I recognize the routine by now, just put your hands up, until they tap your pockets and you can put them back down, no big problem. Of course...they found absolutely NOTHING, like always! Before all the tension dies down and the drama settles, one of the officers tries to place me at a time and place where he searched me 2 weeks ago? He had to look around to remember, what is so hard to remember if you have something to say?
 I finally understand the true meaning of Babylon when used in reference of the police, they are to protect and serve, but with any law enforcement ANYWHERE, they want to control people, and they do it well with intimidation in numbers and heavy artillery. 

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Previously on Gersh's Blog....

It is the time of the year when the rain falls the most, May. It is also this same time last year I was in a relationship, getting laid, very often. Lately , just like with any new place i go to, I'm finally starting to get comfortable here in Jamaica and along with that comfort comes the ability to really open up and shine. The girls around here are starting to finally understand the man, the mystery, the vision that is me, G.....yeah!
Well, I have met some cool people and have learned some really cool things that I can take back to the Valley.  My visa is almost expired and I am at a dilema where I need to make up my mind. Stay 3 more months till the end of summer, or, leave now and come back later, a year later. It feels kind of unfair to think that, to just get up and leave, as I would be leaving to return to AZ to absolutely nothing...nothing but a sweet kick ass hot dog vending venture! I don't know what is next for me but whatever it is, I hope it involves having a beverage whenever I want, like right now! I've been dying of thirst , refusing to drink out of the juice jug's my dad is bent on filling up with water and putting back in the fridge for consumption. I didn't drink tap water back in the the States, why the hell am i going to start now? I know I cannot live forever on Bag Juice, soda, and beer but for the love of all that is sacred, I don't enjoy water that tastes like chlorine.

- Gersh
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I went to the Beach Today

finally after almost 3 months of being in Jamaica, i finally get a chance to swim at the beach, in the crystal clear blue ocean waters! It was cool, got there all early as fuck! Those little swimming fins that divers use aren't as easy as t.v. makes them out to be. i built an awesome sand pyramid complete with canal system and bridge, oh man i had a blast at the beach today! My cousin caught some fish with a spear gun and a random ass squid which reminded me of playing Mario Brothers when I was like...... born! Glad I didn't bring my camera or else i wouldnt have been able to build that giant pyramid out of sand and that wicked lil canal, you know?
shit well noon started rolling in so it was time to go, felt like we had spent the entire day at the beach! So now i am back home, far from the beach in a much higher elevation where the air is crisp and let me tell you, there is nothing on this earth right now that is feeling more comforting than a cold shower and a spliff (not to mention the subtle scent of Irish spring, for the win.)

ok nothing new here move it along, nothing to see, unless you want to check out a few pictures of herb that i took while here in jamaica, the stuff practically grows wild ..........
anyways, all is well that ends well, and with that may we part in peace!

- gersh
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Previously on Gersh's Blog

DSCF1186, originally uploaded by 480Gersh.


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Come Original

The thought crossed my mind and after reading a bunch of random blogs and really getting into them, I realized that my blog has sort of diverted from the original directive; Jamaica, then everything else. But really if it isn't the content, it is the design and the aesthetics of the layout itself. I'm sure over time I'll have a layout that is more subtle and concise! Whatever, I'm going to sleep now.

- Gersh
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Commercial Success

So here I am, just minding my business, doing what any American in Jamaica would be doing with a rolling paper, half a cigarette and a sack of the islands finest; when what do I see on the T.V. ? A Visa credit card commercial, but it was put together so well, I was hooked. I wanted to be that guy in the background going "wow, that is amazing how he is twirling the dough and not looking, wow!" At least I thought it was amazing, or maybe that is what using high-definition cameras, super-slow-motion of a guy twirling pizza dough as if it were a baton and he were in the Macy's day parade and a spliff will do to you. Honestly, it was the coolest and most inspiring thing I had seen all day today! The fact that the volume was muted was even better, it added to the whole "psychological" effect the slow motion had over me. So with that, I wanted to learn Sicilian, I mean these guys looked like they were having so much fun throwing pizza dough around, the co-workers raising their hands up in the air with excitement like they had never witnessed such an event in their life times. It was truly a compelling moment. I can imagine myself chilling in Sicily or some authentic Pizza shop, laughing obnoxiously with my buddies, a loaf of bread, and twirling pizzas around and what not. . I'm not really sure what I'd use my new found skill for seeing as how I've only seen depictions of Sicilian culture in movies and The Food Network. Movies like Godfather 1,2,...3, Good Fellas, Casino, etc.. and this one kind of fat Irish looking guy who has a cooking show of all of these old things his grand mama used to make, a show that I haven't seen in about 5 years.
As I start to wrap this up, I'm losing my buzz, and my ambition to want to learn Sicilian, although it would be really awesome to be able to say a few things other than "stugots"  which probably doesn't mean what I think it means. But that's OK.
What have I learned from all of this is that when you're visually selling something , and it airs between the hours of 8 - 10 p.m. and your key demographic market is probably between the ages of 18-25, use slow motion, as much as possible, with a piano score playing in the background. And use pizza dough stunt tricks if possible.  

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5 Websites to help you Design a better Blog

Here are a few very helpful websites that I have found along the way while looking for good help designing a blog! If you want to get into blogging and or web designing with CSS (cascading-style-sheets) then these websites will offer a massive amount of info to help you do just that! Enjoy!

- Gersh

             5. Pixel Perfect - Illustrator Tutorials (video!)

Pixel Perfect  is a collection of near perfect Illustrator tutorial videos hosted by Robert Monroy.  Rober Monroy is a "master digital artist" and in each of his videos he takes you by the hand, step by oh so subtle step to create and learn a few things in Illustrator you never thought possible

              4. Blogger Buster - 100% Blogger Designing!

This website is probably the best all around tutorial site for designing and customizing blog's specifically for users.  The sites owner and operator, Amanda, writes each and every article and occaisionally shares a whole heap of free and premium ($) blogger templates. This site is a definate must if you want to get your coding feet wet.

              3. ProBlogger - Professional blogger help
Darren Rowes, a professional and full-time blogger who makes a living off of blogging! Not only does Darren show you how to better design and understand blogger, but how to generate an income! Take it from a professional blogger like Darren Rowes when you want to learn a thing or two about making a successful Internet blog.

              2. Deviant Art - Art Community & Resources has been a long standing pioneer in the online Digital Art community and culture for close to a decade! Boasting the largest online digital artist community, allowing people to host their own profile where works can be showcased. DA also has millions of digital media resources for all types of software ranging from Desktop Icons, Photoshop brushes, Illustrator Style packs, wallpapers, photography, Typography and a whole bunch more.
If there is something you really need to help further your digital design, Deviant art is your site.

              1 . Google - The best website in the world

What more is there to say , really? Google is the worlds leading search engine, and that is for a reason, it gets results! Anything that one needs to find, can be found threw simply typing in a few words, or even a question into the Search engine. All of these websites were found threw meticulous searching and redefining of "keywords." Google is by far, the best resource anyone can have!

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Huge Updates Today.

I did A HUGE UPDATE on the blog today:
  • Added Social Network "share" buttons: Digg, Delicious, more to come
  • Added Custom "Tags" spray can
  • Places recent posts to side menu
  • Added a side menu!
  • Added FEEDBURNER Feed updates
  • Started  Google AdSense
Completely changed style sheet and layout!
Things i want to do for future updates:
  • Add Header/Logo
  • More custom graphics
  • Clean up CSS
  • Minimize amount of posts per page
  • Pagesize the website instead of "older post" link showing up
  • Add more personalized design elements

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How to make a blog post look interesting.

First of all, you need to have a huge picture that you stole from another website, and slightly alter it. Of course the image has something to do with the content of the blog post, so talk about it for a little bit, give it some relivance. Once the image is posted and there is a small sentence which is a re-hashing of something you read somewhere else, go ahead and slap another big fat picture underneath just to contrast and compliment the huge one that the post begins with.
Don't forget to throw in a link back to the source of information you so willingly regurgitated. Do this long enough and you will have yourself a productive "looking" blog. 

- Gersh

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Spell Check Context Check

I some times (everyay) go threw and read some of my own blog's, a sort of "post-proof-reading" if you may. Then I realize that maybe I should have done that in the first place. Right? No, completley wrong.  
If there is one thing I've learned, it's that when you live in the fast lane, you gotta be fast. So that means there is no time for correcting mispelled words, spell them right the first time. Even if they aren't used in a sentence correctly.

- Gersh

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420 : Let the Smoking Commence

You know the feeling, you get up, its 420 and there is only one thing to do, ALL,DAY, LONG. Well if you were like me, years ago, that mission would be to actually find some weed. Anyways, you know the feeling, its that pre-420 day build up, and then when it gets there, you're waiting for the media to tell you how high you should really jump. you know, no macy's day parade, no special on fax family, not even a damn public access channel is broadcasting about the significance of the day. It kind of loses its luster, you turn your head to look at a regular ol blunt, what a waste. Then suddenly, you just got a text , your homie just came up on some commercial grade "name-branded" herb, allot of it, and you are invited! Then you wake up from your long weed nap where you just realized that all of that was only a dream , and you honestly need to get a job to support your drug habit. 

- Gersh
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The River Wild (1994)

This is a movie starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon. Of course, the lil' Dude from Jurassic Park (Joseph Mazello) plays Meryl Streep's son. It starts out pretty simple, mom isn't getting a good schtuping from her husband because he is always busy at work, drawing buildings, which also effects his relationship with his son. Because of his work he is going to have to miss his son's birthday, again, for the 3rd time in a row! The family decided to visit the river (Colorado?) where the mom was a River Guide back in the 70's or something like that (Meryl streep's character being kind of in a midlife crisis). As I'm watching I'm already kind of reeled in by the cheesiness. Once the fam finally gets to their destination they are greeted by Grandma and Grandpa, only thing is Grandpa doesn't speak English, no, he talks with his hands. A little thing known as "sign language."
Just as the family is gearing up for the river ride, out of no where "dad" shows up to be a "dad" and get some work done at the same time. Oh yeah Kevin bacon plays the psycho axe murderer who wins over the affection of Meryl Streep. Just as they all head off on their respective rafts Meryl Streep throws up the horns. I mean, in sign language it is to represent " I love you" but is also associated with the devil. I mean who's idea was this? The writers ? The Director? I mean was it an obvious rewrite because the old white guy to play it didn't have any lines to begin with and they tought'd it'd be cool to pay homage to their demon lord? By their, I mean the studio and or exec. pro. running the show? Whatever the reason, seeing that totally just threw me on a tangent. Even the guy who plays Dr. Steve Brunel from Tim and Eric's awesome show great job has one of his earlier debuts supporting Kevin Bacon's character. I already know what is going to happen; Wife wants to have cougar sex with kevin bacon, son against father, father realizing he might never have sex with his wife ever again starts wanting to bang his wife, Kevin bacon attempts to scare the shit out of everyone while still being a nice guy, someone does die, the family reunites via a near death experience and dad and mom do the hanky panky one more time just before we see gramps throw up the devil horns one last time.
This move is hardly threw the middle and I'm pretty sure that if Kevin Bacon is in it  things are about to get kind of ridiculous, kind of like in Footloose.

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Jurassic the real world!

Im watching Jurassic Park this morning, it is one of my all time favorite movies growing up as a kid and still is to this day one of the best depictions of lizard birds, Dinosaur. The Park boasts about its ability to play GOD and bring dinosaurs back to life, including the giant Chicken Lizard, the Tyranosaurus Rex, better known as T-REX. Any how, there is allot of "advanced" technology in the 1993 classic, the Jeeps, on Rails, like the "It's a small world after all" Ride at Disney Land, the Giant electric dog fence to keep all of the dinosaurs in and the tasty morcels of human snacks out, I think. Not to forget the all too cool Night Vision Goggles that Joseph Mazzello (Tim Murphy in the movie) was wearing.
But if they had all of this advanced 21st century technology, why is it that when Wayne Knights character decides to go ape ship and sabotage the Park, he manages to fool everyone, even these super smart archeologists and professors by simply spinning the arrow on a sign post, that said EAST! What happened? Did the guys who installed the Satellite hook-up so that Samuel L. Jackson's character could easily see where everyone was at at any given time in the park decide that go karts his cousin Larry scored in a craps game in the Phillipines weren't suitable for some simple gps? This obvious plot hole leads me to believe that although the mad scientists could manage to bring dinosaurs back to life and turn Shaving Cream Canisters into devices in which to steal DINO-DNA samples, the fact that the Jeeps were on crappy electric go-kart tracks should have been a shear indicator that these multi-million dollar scientists and engineers just weren't smart enough.
Seriously, they managed to get hacked by a disgruntled fat man, they had to have seen that coming. Inevitably a little kid manages to override the hack that had disabled the system, all by knowing how to use a Macintosh Computer mouse.

The moral of this story: If you ever decide to own a secret Tropical island and populate it with Dinosaur, make sure your insurance will cover disgruntled, fat, computer scientists, and get a damn GPS.
Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention the Quagmire of the whole gang was played by the infamous Jeff Goldblum, who w as the shovanistic sex offender who should have been eaten from the waste down and died but instead lives again and gets a second chance at womanizing.

"Fuck Jeff Goldblum" - Pineapple Express
- Gersh
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It's Been A while...

It sure has been a while since I had the nerve to post but it sure has been a time well spent doing allot of things.  This past Monday (the 13th) I went to Dover Raceway in St. Ann to view an all day race event! It was pretty cool, I've got allot of Pics on my myspace page, feel free to befriend me if you get the chance! Well the races were cool, there were about 7 heats of races and I didn't realize how developed the circuit was out here, but it is pretty intense! I did a little research and found a little info about the winner of the day's events, Doug Gore, a Montego Bay native and an experienced driver. I find my self even more interested in cars than before (when I never used to drive one, lol) But my dream car is 1986 TOYOTA Corolla AE86 GT-S. Like the one used in the Japanese anime series "Initial-D." It's a show about...drift racing and the main character drives an AE86!It is a beautiful gem and I've found some back in Arizona that are as old as me, and less miles than my dad's 4 year old Chevy Impala, ha!
I guess, racing is my new "thing" and drift racing is what I see myself getting into, seriously.From graphic design, Music, and painting, and onto Drift racing and Tuning cars, haha, finally right? Maybe next I'll take up sailing the high seas, or growing hydroponics ON the seas....yeah that wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, so sue me (not literal)how to Kind of reminds me of this animated 6 episode mini-series called "Golden Boy."
This kid goes around Japan taking up random odd job's while learning allot of useful skills all in the presence of extremely beautiful wemon! I'm just missing the beautiful wemon part...
So yeah, it HAS been a while, and with that here is a good note to end this one on.

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Assassin's Creed 2: Teaser Trailer

Assassin's Creed 2, the keener, wiser, and bigger brother of Assassin's Creed ...1, and by big I mean fat, massive, expansive, allowing mind body and soul to become submerged in a vast sea of possibility and constant motion. Created by ANIMUS/Ubisoft and Possibly one of the most subliminal masonic video games I have ever seen and or played, not to mention enjoyed also.
The problem with the first one was not the fact that you could clime biuldings, litterally scale a wall, jump from a top roofs and land in wooden carts full of hay, no, none of that cool stuff was the issue at all. The issue was the fact that after a while tahts all you were doing. Climbing buildings, jumping off , landing....cause trouble, kill a few guards and escape, copy, paste, repeat..
So here is a teaser, and yes it does just that, teases the hell out of you but says allot!
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A Simple Solar Setup

Posted by Youtube user: fencekid

80 watt solar panel = $475 each
Sky Blue 3 stage charge controller with mppt technology = $166
6 volt golf cart battery = $230 per set
Tri Metric 2020 meter = $140
500 amp shunt = $20
1000 watt inverter = $75
Disconnect box = $10
So after some wire and shipping it's pushing $1850. I know that buys allot of electricity, but for me it's not about saving money on my power bill. It's about becoming energy independent. Not being at the mercy of the grid = priceless.

People to Google:
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Zero Energy Homes (ZEH)

I was watching the news today and there was an author explaining that the new wave in inovative industries is ET, ENERGY TECHNOLOGY. Basically since there is now a recognized effort to stop "global emissions" there are now comerce caps on the production of carbons. Therefor companies who emit more carbon than is allowed, they MUST transform their operations to some form of green energy! This is a good thing, as there will be new jobs and a means to live more efficiently. The down side to all of this , I have not quite figured out. However, I found an article talking about Zero Energy Housing, a house that uses and generates its own power!

A ZEH is connected to the utility grid, but at off-peak time periods, it generates more power than it uses by combining renewable energy technologies with advanced energy-efficient construction. As a result, a ZEH lowers the power demand on its utility provider. It produces about as much energy as it consumes during a year, so it is considered to achieve "net zero" energy consumption.

source: ZD.Net

Think about it, a standard of living where one can live self sustained in a house that pays for its self! Think of it, practically no bills to pay and all of the energy you could need. The best part, building a home like this will cost you under $200k but who needs more than they can chew. My ideal House would be less than 3k square feet. But on a house like this there are so many "green" technologies to apply; Solar Panels for electricity, solar water heater, a tank less water heater system which uses the Earth's thermal temperature to effectively heat your house and cool it, all at the expense of paying attention to mother earth! The possibilities of living off of the "grid" and building or modifying a house to suit an economy with lesser means, MEANS a higher standard of living for all.
A house that generates more than it means.
Simply means one thing, I can live any where in the world and no one has to know.....
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Fast and Furious 4

This one actually looks promising. For once, a movie franchise where Vin Diesel isn't a crappy actor. Jamaica would be one of the best locations for a high speed action car movie. I mean, everyone here drives fast and furious on the open highways and small mountain roads that hang over the cliff edges of hills!
Here is a trailer anyhow, enojoy!

- Gersh
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