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It is the time of the year when the rain falls the most, May. It is also this same time last year I was in a relationship, getting laid, very often. Lately , just like with any new place i go to, I'm finally starting to get comfortable here in Jamaica and along with that comfort comes the ability to really open up and shine. The girls around here are starting to finally understand the man, the mystery, the vision that is me, G.....yeah!
Well, I have met some cool people and have learned some really cool things that I can take back to the Valley.  My visa is almost expired and I am at a dilema where I need to make up my mind. Stay 3 more months till the end of summer, or, leave now and come back later, a year later. It feels kind of unfair to think that, to just get up and leave, as I would be leaving to return to AZ to absolutely nothing...nothing but a sweet kick ass hot dog vending venture! I don't know what is next for me but whatever it is, I hope it involves having a beverage whenever I want, like right now! I've been dying of thirst , refusing to drink out of the juice jug's my dad is bent on filling up with water and putting back in the fridge for consumption. I didn't drink tap water back in the the States, why the hell am i going to start now? I know I cannot live forever on Bag Juice, soda, and beer but for the love of all that is sacred, I don't enjoy water that tastes like chlorine.

- Gersh


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