I went to the Beach Today

finally after almost 3 months of being in Jamaica, i finally get a chance to swim at the beach, in the crystal clear blue ocean waters! It was cool, got there all early as fuck! Those little swimming fins that divers use aren't as easy as t.v. makes them out to be. i built an awesome sand pyramid complete with canal system and bridge, oh man i had a blast at the beach today! My cousin caught some fish with a spear gun and a random ass squid which reminded me of playing Mario Brothers when I was like...... born! Glad I didn't bring my camera or else i wouldnt have been able to build that giant pyramid out of sand and that wicked lil canal, you know?
shit well noon started rolling in so it was time to go, felt like we had spent the entire day at the beach! So now i am back home, far from the beach in a much higher elevation where the air is crisp and let me tell you, there is nothing on this earth right now that is feeling more comforting than a cold shower and a spliff (not to mention the subtle scent of Irish spring, for the win.)

ok nothing new here move it along, nothing to see, unless you want to check out a few pictures of herb that i took while here in jamaica, the stuff practically grows wild ..........
anyways, all is well that ends well, and with that may we part in peace!

- gersh


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