The God Complex

For such a large population to be on the globe at one time means there is a large conciousness developing.Out of these Billions of lives on Earth, only but a small collection are able to manipulate that consciousness and capture the attention on an emotional basis. Once these souls gain the attention and the praise, these figures form what should be considered as the "GodMode" complex.
Just as the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were emulated as living God's for supposedly "building" the Pyramids, they are still recognized as great figures in movies and other genres of entertainment.

Resonate on that.

- EDITED 01/08/10
tHIS Was a stupid ass post....dont do drugs kids!
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Negativity in wavelengths.

In Entertainment, it is often said "any publicity is good publicity."
That is simply due to the fact of attention. A collective consciousness- rather manufactured consciousness that whether good or bad praise, the end result is a duality.

I Love My Haters

The attention of hate, just like that of a radio station is programed to a frequency.
This is also the same with the negative emotion. It is easier to resonate on a negative frequency, it is so abundant. The attitude portrayed among the social structure of todays society is that of a crude "humorous" nature. The mentality displayed is...
do what you want as long as no one gets hurt

That could go to be said about a scenario such as:
Rob someone, so long as no one get shot, it is alright

This mentality, while so radical (irrational), too has its dualities.

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