Negativity in wavelengths.

In Entertainment, it is often said "any publicity is good publicity."
That is simply due to the fact of attention. A collective consciousness- rather manufactured consciousness that whether good or bad praise, the end result is a duality.

I Love My Haters

The attention of hate, just like that of a radio station is programed to a frequency.
This is also the same with the negative emotion. It is easier to resonate on a negative frequency, it is so abundant. The attitude portrayed among the social structure of todays society is that of a crude "humorous" nature. The mentality displayed is...
do what you want as long as no one gets hurt

That could go to be said about a scenario such as:
Rob someone, so long as no one get shot, it is alright

This mentality, while so radical (irrational), too has its dualities.



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