What the shit

Wow, it is 2013, what the fuck was I thinking when I made this blog?!?! Hmm well lets see what comes of this.
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Lil Wayne's thoughts on Haiti

Lil Wayne gives his thoughts and opinions about Haiti in a recent press conference. He's still pretty salty about the response and relief efforts put forth by the former Bush Administration. For me when I saw this clip, it really struck a chord with me and the audience in this video! Sometimes the most thought provoking things are said by the must unsuspecting of people...
Here's the clip, enjoy.
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Jay-Z admits: there is no Religion

So basically dude says he does not believe in one religion, that there is one god and that he isn't apart of any devil worshiping click. But he didn't explain the whole FREEMASON bullshit either....lying asshole.
here's the video!

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Based - The art of being that one retarded dude, on purpose.

So there is an interview with Lil-B,hes developing his own following these days. Apparently he has managed to turn something negative into a positive and its all the new thing. And just like skinny jeans, its taking over. Basically, the "BASED" style is to blindly and sometimes incoherently rhyme, not actually conscious of ones thinking and words. Some shit like that, just have an open mind i guess.
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