Its Happenining Again and Again.

 Not more than 5 minutes ago, I was held at gun point,  looking down the barrel of an M-16.
For the 3rd time in about a months time, the police boy dem' a come and search me. No kind of respect for the power in which they so carelessly wave point blank in my face, fingers on the trigger, packed to the door locks in a 4 door Toyota pick-up. Yelling "Get up, GEEEE-T UP! PUT YA HANDS IN A DI AIR! PUT DEM UP!"  They all hop out out fast, parking the giant truck in the middle of the road at an angle. I recognize the routine by now, just put your hands up, until they tap your pockets and you can put them back down, no big problem. Of course...they found absolutely NOTHING, like always! Before all the tension dies down and the drama settles, one of the officers tries to place me at a time and place where he searched me 2 weeks ago? He had to look around to remember, what is so hard to remember if you have something to say?
 I finally understand the true meaning of Babylon when used in reference of the police, they are to protect and serve, but with any law enforcement ANYWHERE, they want to control people, and they do it well with intimidation in numbers and heavy artillery. 


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