The Heart Break Kid (2007)

No, this movie has nothing to do with the infamous Sean Michaels, also known as The Heart Break Kid (HBK) bun in fact it is about love , romance, and taking into account that anything worth having is worth waiting for.
This movie is pretty sweet, honestly, Ben Stiller is a comical genius, although this movie wasn't exactly written by him, it is directly inspired by his character roles of the past. Allot of his movies are full of humor and comedy as well as some life lessons (what the fuck dude, yes, life lessons) tucked within the nooks and crannies of a plea sent visual experience.
The Heart Break Kid is about this guy who owns his own little sporting goods store and thought he had it all once he married who he thought was the perfect match. Just after about a month of knowing this perfect love, he got married to her right away. This babe was played by Malin Akerman who you might recognize from Harold & Kumar Go to white Castle. Anyways, Ben Stillers character realizes how much he jumped the gun when he meets a lady while on his Honey moon with his newly wed wife.
This movies pretty funny, check it out, but what Stiller flick ISN'T hilarious?


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