Gumby- The Blockheads were masons...

I put it together, all these years, I put it together after all of these years. I was, and I'm sure many others were too, indoctrinated into accepting the agenda henceforth by freemasons in the form of innocent stop motion animations. Sad really, people say " why are you still watching cartoons, they are for kids!" Look at it this way, they are made by ADULTS! Connect a few dots, and it all comes together; The "Blockheads" are always trying to ruin Gumby's life, seriously, attemptive murder at best! In "freemasonry" they refer to each other as "squares" and conicidentally what is a block? It is a square! If that wasn't enough, the fact that a G is visible on the side of their heads, also the common G seen on the Freemasonry Compass and Square insignia. That damn G on the side of their heads NEVER made sense to my fragile child mind, then I grew up and it made all the sense in the world as to what was really going on. So the search was on to put my "hypothesis" to the test, and low and behold, results are in the truth, or the other way around!
They say "A Pictures worth a thousand words," but all this says is AGENDA! But then again, that doesn't explain the meaning of the J on the other Block's Head? Maybe....Jachine?


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