Warfare 1944 Glitch

So I was playing my new favorite online game, Armor Games' Warfare 1944. This game is the supremely "pretty" version versus it's predecessor , Warfare 1917 which actually had a much more favorable "combat" system. That leads me to the title of this post, the Glitch. I played threw the game on all difficulties, often restarting the Hardened campaign because for some reason the balancing was way off when I played as the Allied forces, I mean, the Germans were just unbeatable on some levels, so I would start over, figure a new upgrade strategy and what not. But this time I started over, something amazing happened. The first level is a big sandy beach similar to Saving Private Ryan, barricade and craters make up the landscape, as you leave the water and get farther into view comes the enemies front lines and a rather large concrete bunker, you need bazookas to take out the bunker, but you have got to clear the machine gunners on the ground first (kinda JUST like private Ryan). As my men come crawling hopelessly off of the bloody sand beach, I notice that my first wave of soldiers are easily wiped out by a machine gunner, but then mortars were dropping everywhere! My entire first fleet of infantry, assault and bazooka teams were all dead and my second wave was coming in right behind them! What killed them so fast?

A tank! A big ass tank, magically appears bellow the German Bunker! It slowly began to creep towards the shore line, my bazooka team getting close, and the German mortar shells are still dropping! I thought to myself, OK, I quit, I should just give up, no way I'll be able to take out this tank with 2 dinky ass bazooka guys and soldiers who cant even throw grenades. Kind of tragic, but with the grace of Glitchy action scripting and and awesome timing, I was saved! The Germans own mortar shelling like a bunch of ass holes inevitably led to their defeat, they dropped so many shells, it ended up destroying the tank and causing enough morale damage to win me the battle! Success! So I guess it wasn't a bad glitch, but I'm sure that if I had lost, it easily would have been.

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