Prodigy - Illuminati (2008)

The title says it all, this has to be one of the best Anti-Illuminati anthems I have ever heard, so far anyways. I don't support, G-Unit or Mobb Deep, but this Prodigy track from his 2008 release H.N.I.C.2 , accompanied by the video co-executive produced by Prodigy himself, really hit a few chords on my innards.
The dudes Wikipedia states he was sentenced to 3 years behind bars due to a Oct 2007 gun charge in which he pleaded guilty towards, but who knows?But serously, having an album Cover like "Blood Money" and then turning around and speaking against it, answers a few questions as to the current fate of the rapper. But just listen to the song and form your own opinions, and DO NOT hold back on searching deeper and deeper, get out and explore the world around you aswell.



(Fan talking)
Ohh, yo, ohh shit man, what up dunn?
Yo where've you been at man?
Yo we need you man
You gotta put out that knowledge
Kick that street knowledge G
Please man, you got that drugs
I need my fix of that dope
C'mon man, please man, you got it man, c'mon man

Now the latest gun drive, jelly beans
DMT peyote, I know you feel me
P's song is a natural tripping me
My rhymes is so vivid, you start to see things
Way different, America's fiend
I was fast asleep, but now I'm wide awake
I was under the spell of Kangol and reserved notes
Religion and fashion, I used to be flashy
'Til I had a total recall, forgot what I've already knew
It took me 33 years for me to see the truth
Ever so clear I was too young
I couldn't articulate myself the right way son
But now let me break it down, pass it all around
This is not a theory, lift the spirits, see his spirit
They wanna put me in a straightjacket in a padded room
And tell the world there's 12 monkeys so they can be confused

(Chorus) X2
Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body
Secret Society trying to keep their eye on me
But I'ma stay incogni' in places they can't find me
Make my moves strategically

They say life is like Chess
But fuck that I'm tired of playing games with you kids
Ain't no time for playing, check the rhymes it's insane
I write it for the streets, for the hood inspiration
Inspire every party to map where it's poverty
I started with a Mobb but now I got an army
With soldiers and troopers
The TV and the radio scared the death of us
So we hit the YouTube up
Now I got millions of views
Now watch how many rappers follow what P do
Now I'm too hoody to conform to the program
I'm too much of a rebel for me to try to fit in
Nigga! It don't matter on the color of your skin
Right now you either positive or you negative
I got friends in high places, multiple races
And coaches on my side, all you got is paper

(Chorus) X2


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