President Obama Freemasons, and the Media

We see it ever day, but we never know what it is we're really looking at or rather what we aren't looking at. So I have taken it upon myself to look into the double mirrored existence of the freemasons.
NOTE: A thing about searching the internet for info is that allot of it can be inaccurate and unreliable, but for every bit of intentional dissemination of misinformation there will equally be a chance of revelation to the TRUTH.
Furthermore, I came across 12 Masonic Signs of Recognition, a cool blog post from Waiting To Rot that shed more light on the use of hand signs in freemasonry and the use of those hand signs in politics.

Before Obama's speech (which I was watching on CNN) had first aired a special on BEING BLACK IN AMERICA Hosted by a beautiful and not at all looking "black" Solidad O'brien, the topic of course is HEALTH CARE in America. A lot of big time people were in the stuck in the middle of TIME SQUARE, Manhattan , New York, a few I had seen on Television already before. Like for instance, D. L. Hughley, who kept looking at the stage monitor to see if his hand signs were in the shot, which they weren't, so he kept putting his hand on the rim of his eye glasses and using the "animated hands." It was really interesting to see them all throwing up hand signs like some secret cult of Neo-Gangsters.
I mean, for instance Steve Harvey described how it was o.k. for another man to say to his fellow man "I Love you" but of course, in the least gayest and most Christian way possible, right? He went on to describe how you should lean in, put an arm around your brother, and tell him words of encouragement in his ear. He got VERY descriptive about how you should hug a man and whisper in his ear, so when I found this image, it was of no surprise and only reinforced what I intuitively already felt. Once there was a full frame shot of all of the shows guests, I noticed that the ones who stuck out the most during their camera time, were also the same ones who were using the interlocking fingers. But what does this all mean? It means they are getting people on Television, black people, famous black people, that other black people look up to to tell "Black America" what to feel and think when it comes to healthcare and the image of black people in "common" socio-political topics. The fact that the new U.S. Government is black in effect means, more "blacks" are watching major news media outlets such as CNN.

Back to the speech on Television, every time the Pres. even so much as raised his hands from behind the podium, the camera shutters snapped at least a million times a second. One thing to notice is that this speech is beign given within the White House it'self with selected members of the Associated Press. Are these same photogrphahers and Journalists selected because they know what is expected of the public to know and see? The only contraversial question raised after the speech had nothing to do with health care at all but rather a racial question about a Harvard Professor who was reported as breaking into his own house. That same Harvard Professor was on the CNN Special "Being Black In America II" right before the airing of the speech to use his incident as a means to "educate" the idea that if a learned black Harvard Professor can get arrested, charged, and taken to jail even AFTER the fact that he proved his residency, so can your black ass too. The fact that Mr. Obama called the Cambridge Polices' actions "Stupid" further agitates the race cards effect on the masses.

The FACT to this is that when it comes to the media and politics, the photos used to represent these figures is meant to communicate on a secret level of hand signs and signals meant for brothers of the same rite. In Freemasonry, there are no politics, there is no democratic party, there is no republican party, there is only the brotherhood and well-being of thefraternity, simple and plain. They are not here to serve the "common" man who is living in the dark, but rather to help further the cause of high level Master Masons who have their hand in the pocket of Every person on Earth. But Money is NOT enough for these power hungry assholes. If they cannot control your pockets, they will find ways to control your heart soul and mind via religion, sexual situations, and social confusion. One goal, mass confusion.


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