Commercial Success

So here I am, just minding my business, doing what any American in Jamaica would be doing with a rolling paper, half a cigarette and a sack of the islands finest; when what do I see on the T.V. ? A Visa credit card commercial, but it was put together so well, I was hooked. I wanted to be that guy in the background going "wow, that is amazing how he is twirling the dough and not looking, wow!" At least I thought it was amazing, or maybe that is what using high-definition cameras, super-slow-motion of a guy twirling pizza dough as if it were a baton and he were in the Macy's day parade and a spliff will do to you. Honestly, it was the coolest and most inspiring thing I had seen all day today! The fact that the volume was muted was even better, it added to the whole "psychological" effect the slow motion had over me. So with that, I wanted to learn Sicilian, I mean these guys looked like they were having so much fun throwing pizza dough around, the co-workers raising their hands up in the air with excitement like they had never witnessed such an event in their life times. It was truly a compelling moment. I can imagine myself chilling in Sicily or some authentic Pizza shop, laughing obnoxiously with my buddies, a loaf of bread, and twirling pizzas around and what not. . I'm not really sure what I'd use my new found skill for seeing as how I've only seen depictions of Sicilian culture in movies and The Food Network. Movies like Godfather 1,2,...3, Good Fellas, Casino, etc.. and this one kind of fat Irish looking guy who has a cooking show of all of these old things his grand mama used to make, a show that I haven't seen in about 5 years.
As I start to wrap this up, I'm losing my buzz, and my ambition to want to learn Sicilian, although it would be really awesome to be able to say a few things other than "stugots"  which probably doesn't mean what I think it means. But that's OK.
What have I learned from all of this is that when you're visually selling something , and it airs between the hours of 8 - 10 p.m. and your key demographic market is probably between the ages of 18-25, use slow motion, as much as possible, with a piano score playing in the background. And use pizza dough stunt tricks if possible.  


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