420 : Let the Smoking Commence

You know the feeling, you get up, its 420 and there is only one thing to do, ALL,DAY, LONG. Well if you were like me, years ago, that mission would be to actually find some weed. Anyways, you know the feeling, its that pre-420 day build up, and then when it gets there, you're waiting for the media to tell you how high you should really jump. you know, no macy's day parade, no special on fax family, not even a damn public access channel is broadcasting about the significance of the day. It kind of loses its luster, you turn your head to look at a regular ol blunt, what a waste. Then suddenly, you just got a text , your homie just came up on some commercial grade "name-branded" herb, allot of it, and you are invited! Then you wake up from your long weed nap where you just realized that all of that was only a dream , and you honestly need to get a job to support your drug habit. 

- Gersh


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