It's Been A while...

It sure has been a while since I had the nerve to post but it sure has been a time well spent doing allot of things.  This past Monday (the 13th) I went to Dover Raceway in St. Ann to view an all day race event! It was pretty cool, I've got allot of Pics on my myspace page, feel free to befriend me if you get the chance! Well the races were cool, there were about 7 heats of races and I didn't realize how developed the circuit was out here, but it is pretty intense! I did a little research and found a little info about the winner of the day's events, Doug Gore, a Montego Bay native and an experienced driver. I find my self even more interested in cars than before (when I never used to drive one, lol) But my dream car is 1986 TOYOTA Corolla AE86 GT-S. Like the one used in the Japanese anime series "Initial-D." It's a show about...drift racing and the main character drives an AE86!It is a beautiful gem and I've found some back in Arizona that are as old as me, and less miles than my dad's 4 year old Chevy Impala, ha!
I guess, racing is my new "thing" and drift racing is what I see myself getting into, seriously.From graphic design, Music, and painting, and onto Drift racing and Tuning cars, haha, finally right? Maybe next I'll take up sailing the high seas, or growing hydroponics ON the seas....yeah that wasn't as funny as I thought it would be, so sue me (not literal)how to Kind of reminds me of this animated 6 episode mini-series called "Golden Boy."
This kid goes around Japan taking up random odd job's while learning allot of useful skills all in the presence of extremely beautiful wemon! I'm just missing the beautiful wemon part...
So yeah, it HAS been a while, and with that here is a good note to end this one on.


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