The River Wild (1994)

This is a movie starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon. Of course, the lil' Dude from Jurassic Park (Joseph Mazello) plays Meryl Streep's son. It starts out pretty simple, mom isn't getting a good schtuping from her husband because he is always busy at work, drawing buildings, which also effects his relationship with his son. Because of his work he is going to have to miss his son's birthday, again, for the 3rd time in a row! The family decided to visit the river (Colorado?) where the mom was a River Guide back in the 70's or something like that (Meryl streep's character being kind of in a midlife crisis). As I'm watching I'm already kind of reeled in by the cheesiness. Once the fam finally gets to their destination they are greeted by Grandma and Grandpa, only thing is Grandpa doesn't speak English, no, he talks with his hands. A little thing known as "sign language."
Just as the family is gearing up for the river ride, out of no where "dad" shows up to be a "dad" and get some work done at the same time. Oh yeah Kevin bacon plays the psycho axe murderer who wins over the affection of Meryl Streep. Just as they all head off on their respective rafts Meryl Streep throws up the horns. I mean, in sign language it is to represent " I love you" but is also associated with the devil. I mean who's idea was this? The writers ? The Director? I mean was it an obvious rewrite because the old white guy to play it didn't have any lines to begin with and they tought'd it'd be cool to pay homage to their demon lord? By their, I mean the studio and or exec. pro. running the show? Whatever the reason, seeing that totally just threw me on a tangent. Even the guy who plays Dr. Steve Brunel from Tim and Eric's awesome show great job has one of his earlier debuts supporting Kevin Bacon's character. I already know what is going to happen; Wife wants to have cougar sex with kevin bacon, son against father, father realizing he might never have sex with his wife ever again starts wanting to bang his wife, Kevin bacon attempts to scare the shit out of everyone while still being a nice guy, someone does die, the family reunites via a near death experience and dad and mom do the hanky panky one more time just before we see gramps throw up the devil horns one last time.
This move is hardly threw the middle and I'm pretty sure that if Kevin Bacon is in it  things are about to get kind of ridiculous, kind of like in Footloose.


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