5 Websites to help you Design a better Blog

Here are a few very helpful websites that I have found along the way while looking for good help designing a blog! If you want to get into blogging and or web designing with CSS (cascading-style-sheets) then these websites will offer a massive amount of info to help you do just that! Enjoy!

- Gersh

             5. Pixel Perfect - Illustrator Tutorials (video!)

Pixel Perfect  is a collection of near perfect Illustrator tutorial videos hosted by Robert Monroy.  Rober Monroy is a "master digital artist" and in each of his videos he takes you by the hand, step by oh so subtle step to create and learn a few things in Illustrator you never thought possible

              4. Blogger Buster - 100% Blogger Designing!

This website is probably the best all around tutorial site for designing and customizing blog's specifically for Blogger.com users.  The sites owner and operator, Amanda, writes each and every article and occaisionally shares a whole heap of free and premium ($) blogger templates. This site is a definate must if you want to get your coding feet wet.

              3. ProBlogger - Professional blogger help
Darren Rowes, a professional and full-time blogger who makes a living off of blogging! Not only does Darren show you how to better design and understand blogger, but how to generate an income! Take it from a professional blogger like Darren Rowes when you want to learn a thing or two about making a successful Internet blog.

              2. Deviant Art - Art Community & Resources

DeviantArt.com has been a long standing pioneer in the online Digital Art community and culture for close to a decade! Boasting the largest online digital artist community, allowing people to host their own user.deviantart.com profile where works can be showcased. DA also has millions of digital media resources for all types of software ranging from Desktop Icons, Photoshop brushes, Illustrator Style packs, wallpapers, photography, Typography and a whole bunch more.
If there is something you really need to help further your digital design, Deviant art is your site.

              1 . Google - The best website in the world

What more is there to say , really? Google is the worlds leading search engine, and that is for a reason, it gets results! Anything that one needs to find, can be found threw simply typing in a few words, or even a question into the Search engine. All of these websites were found threw meticulous searching and redefining of "keywords." Google is by far, the best resource anyone can have!


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